Ashes [Live] - Kathryn Rose Wood

ComfyStone Films' Cozy Corner Series presents "Ashes," a live performance of the title track from "In The Ashes." Featuring Amelia Clingman and Danielle Ryce on violins, and Noelle Tannen on cello, the performance highlights Kathryn Rose Wood's musical depth and vulnerability through lush live-string arrangements.

Free - Kathryn Rose Wood f. Kristen Taffaro [Official Video]

The 3rd single from "In The Ashes," "Free" is a melancholy duet featuring Kristen Taffaro and wrapped in warm organs with sublime harmonies. Directed by Erik Skramstad, the video follows a heartwrenching story of one navigating picking up the pieces after loss.

Big Steel Wings - Kathryn Rose Wood [Official Video]

The 2nd single from "In The Ashes," presenting the lyric video for "big Steel Wings," an energetic, catchy song capturing themes of loneliness and doubt with soaring choruses and nuanced slide guitar.

Lullaby (to Preston) - Kathryn Rose Wood [Official Video]

The 1st single from "In The Ashes," "Lullaby (to Preston)" is Kathryn Rose Wood's soulful, pedal-steel inflected tribute to her brother and those facing mental illness, thoughts of suicide, or navigating grief.