Free f. Kristen TaffaroIn The Ashes

The 3rd single from "In The Ashes," "Free" features Kristen Taffaro in a heartfelt duet inspired by the layers of loss that come with grief, musically wrapped up in warm organ and upright bass.

In The Ashes

Big Steel WingsIn The Ashes

The 2nd single from "In The Ashes," "Big Steel Wings" captures themes of loneliness and questioning while engulfed in an catchy, soaring chorus and slide guitar accents reminiscent of Neil Young and Derek Trucks.

In The Ashes

Lullabye (To Preston)In the Ashes

The 1st single off "In The Ashes," "Lullaby (to Preston)" is an elegant, soulful tribute to Kathryn's brother, and to those suffering from mental illness, considering suicide, or grieving the loss of a loved one. Watch the multi-media outreach video project for "Lullaby (to Preston)" in the "Videos" section of this website.

In the Ashes

Om A HumSocial Set

From Social Set's self-titled sophomore album.

Social Set